Motherhoodlist pays attention to the confidentiality and security of customer andsite information. This is also our legal obligation in accordance with applicable legislation

Service applications constantly renew themselves to provide better service to users in the internet. During the visit of our website , personal data that you have recorded and electronically shared with us by automatic and non-automatic methods will be used to fulfill your requests . This personal data includes all personal data provided directly or indirectly by the user. We pay attention to protection and security of your personal data in accordance with privacy policy provisions.

Motherhoodlist collects information of users such as the duration of the user’s visit and the number of pages viewed , even if they aren’t members

This information can be accessed by the authorities and legal institutions according to legal regulations without the consent of the customer and the users of the site and isn’t shared with third parties .Our aim is to protect users from unauthorized access, misuse and alteration and to provide the appropriate level of security. we also take technical and administrative measures ,commitments are for information used on the website and shared with other channels.

Motherhoodlist is not responsible for the privacy principles,ethical principles , conditions of use and material / moral losses of the website and other visited websites linked to this site.

In case of any problems with the products published on this web site and through other channels ;motherhoodlist is not responsible for material /moral losses

We make changes to our privacy policy to keep the privacy and data protection principles up to date and sometimes to make it legal without prior notice

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